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DreamWorks to Remake Du Maurier’s Rebecca

rebecca daphne du maurier

Here is some news for Daphne Du Maurier fans — DreamWorks is planning to remake the classic mystery novel Rebecca. Remake is actually not the right word to use because they will go back to the book for making the film and won’t work directly on Hitchcock’s famous thriller. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? The story is simply irresistible and tweaks all our psychological knobs. And this perhaps justifies a new interpretation of the book in a new era. Will this version be more introspective and mystical? Will it top Hitchcock’s legendary film? The puritans are already apprehensive that the new version will slaughter Rebecca wholesale. Seems like we have little faith in modern novel to film adaptations.

The 1940 film, which won Academy Award for the Best Picture category, starred Joan Fontaine and Lawrence Oliver. The cast of the DreamWorks venture is yet to be finalized.

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