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Download ebook: Magazine of Horror

If you like old spooky magazines like Weird Tales, then you’d definitely have a taste for Magazine of Horror. Nostalgic illustrations, priceless old advertisements, double column printing, and some fantastic horror staff makes it reader’s delight. They don’t bring out magazines like this anymore. What a pity.

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2 thoughts on “Download ebook: Magazine of Horror

  1. Gorgeous! Look at those covers! Ach, they knew how to do things properly in those days. And do my eyes mistake me, but is one of the authors Anna Hunger? Can’t get much more of a horror-y name than that.

    Thanks so much for putting these beauties out there.

    • You know Lola, these magazines had some little known authors who could write some incredible stories. Recently, I got to read a Weird Tales compilation by Peter Haining. Never knew lovecraft had so many worthy competitors in his day. Wish I had some info about Anna Hunger (Yeah, you read it right) 🙂

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