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J.K Rowling to Write for Adult Readers

j k rowling adult readers

Happy times for adult fans of J.K Rowling. The author of the bestselling Harry Potter series is all set to venture into the world of mature fiction. This time she has a new publisher — Little Brown, U.K. Rowling is “delighted” to have a second publishing home in this new phrase of her literary career.

There have been wild guesses about the subject of Rowling’s upcoming novel. Some believe it to be a crime story set in Edinburgh. The author herself has just hinted that it will be something quite different from the Harry Potter stuff, something for the grown ups. The release date and title of her book is yet to be announced. The book will have both print and electronic versions.

The Harry Potter series broke all records in publishing history. It sold even more than Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Agatha Christie’s detective fiction. Will Rowling taste similar success with her new novel? It may not be easy even with her incredible fan base. This is like a follow-up to the Bible and expectations are sky high. But Rowling is enjoying it, and we simply can’t wait to read the book.

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