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Download ebook: The Call of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft


Are you a horror and gothic freak? Do you admire Edgar Allen Poe and Sheridan Le Fanu? If yes, then H.P Lovecraft books should definitely find a place on your bookshelf. And if you are planning to start with Lovecraft’s best then get yourself a copy of The Call of Cthulhu.

This dark and twisted tale deals with the revival of an ancient, malevolent and monstrous creature called Cthulhu. As the worshippers of black art try to awaken this mythic horror, it becomes apparent that the living beings are facing a danger that cannot be described in words.

With a completely original story and creepy writing style, Lovecraft effortlessly turns you into a believer. He builds up a haunting atmosphere, points to a perilous and unknown future, and effectively sets the stage for the feeling of dread. Old manuscripts, mysterious cult groups, strange geometries, sea voyages — you have quite an intriguing story here.

As was his habit, Lovecraft did not describe the creature vividly and left things to the reader’s imagination. But it seems like Cthulhu is part octopus, part kraken, part dragon, and like a walking mountain with nasty talons. Does Lovecraft’s beast look like the following entity?

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An Artist’s Impression of H P lovecraft’s Chulthu

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