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Agatha Christie’s Poirot Investigates sells for £40,630

Poirot Investigates (Original Cover) — Agatha Christie

When Dominic Winter auction house put up “Poirot Investigates” for auction, it hardly imagined that the book would turn out to be the most expensive Agatha Christie work to be sold ever. Yes, the first edition (1924) of this short story collection sold for £40,630 after a fierce bidding war. Guess the original price of the book? Seven shillings and six pence. Well, it’s a funny world.

Poirot Investigates was brought by  Christian Jonkers from Jonkers Rare Books. And why was he so hell bent to get this one? Probably because it is the first representation of Poirot on a dust Jacket. It depicts the sleuth as a smartly dressed man with an egg shaped head. The pre-second world war dust jacket is still almost perfect (and definitely smells terrific).

Feeling nostalgic punks?

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