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Sequel To Stephen King’s The Shining Coming Soon

Stephen King

The “King” of spooky stuff. Rock star of the book world. Ridiculously overrated. Pathetic endings. A true genius. Slaughtered horror at the altar of fantasy.

In his long and celebrated career, Stephen King had had all kind of feedbacks. He is one of those authors who have radical fans and haters. You either worship him or you are an active member of So, from which camp are you exactly? Ah, a SK devotee? Cool, you are in for some pleasant surprise. Remember The Shining? It was King’s fourth novel and one of his most popular books. A classic published in 1977, it was made into a movie starring Jack Nicholson. King has announced that the sequel to The Shining, titled Dr. Sleep, will be out in January next year.

The shinning delineates the story of a family that moves to Overlook Hotel in Colorado. The hotel, however, has a terrible past, and it uses a kid (with supernatural abilities) in the family to drive his dad crazy.

In the sequel, Danny (the kid in The Shining), works in a nursing home, where he helps people to die peacefully through his “shining power”. But things get complicated when a group of psychic vampires called True Knot start preying on kids, who are blessed (or cursed) with the same abilities that Dan has. Dan needs to save a young girl from the clutches of the True Knot.

King himself feels that this will be a challenging job because the original book reached a cult status. Expectations of the readers will be high and the sequel has to be too good to live up to the hype. We are counting on it just because it’s from Stephen king, someone who hates to deliver predictable and ordinary stuff.

In between, Warner Bros. is planning a prequel to The Shining (1980). Looks like a lot of things are happening in Stephen King’s universe.
Stephen King shining

2 thoughts on “Sequel To Stephen King’s The Shining Coming Soon

  1. Reblogged this on lonewolfbookclub and commented:
    Oooh, ooh, remember how I was telling you about this, cublings? Ooh, ooh, January! It’s coming out in January! Not that I’m ridiculously excited about finding out more about Danny Torrence’s world, but I do love a review (or anything, in fact) which uses the term “psychic vampires”.

    Thank you to The Book Haven for allowing a reblog on this.

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