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Memories Revisited: We Remember David Case


David Case

David Case, considered as a classicist by Ramsey Campbell, was born in New York in 1937. He is mainly known for his chilling horror works, though he has written more than 300 books in different genres. Case was a regular contributor to the famous Pan Book of Horror Stories. His zombie novella Pelican Cay received a nomination for World fantasy Award in 2001. Case was a guest author in World Horror Convention held in England in 2010.

Case’s first collection of horror stories, The Cell: Three Tales of Horror, appeared in 1969 and was a success. It included three classic werewolf novellas. Fengriffen (1971), is one of his better known works. It rediscovers gothic horror with the help of graphic imagery and psychoanalysis. Fengriffen was made into a Peter Cushing film — And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973). It’s an eerie melodrama involving an ancient curse, vengeful spirits, and a crawling hand.

After Fengriffen, Case seemed to have vanished from the field. He returned to horror fiction in 1980 with his werewolf saga Wolf Tracks. The following year, Case again tasted success with The Third Grave — a novel involving the curse of a mummy. His later notable horror woks include Brotherly Love & Other Tales of Faith and Knowledge (1999), and Pelican Cay and Other Disquieting Tales (2010). Both are collection of short stories.

Case was a fulltime writer all his life, but did not concentrate much on horror literature. It’s a pity because he had enormous potential as a classic author of the genre. Case primarily focused on westerns and what Mike Ashley calls erotic literature in “Who’s Who In Horror And Fantasy Fiction”.

Stephen Jones has compiled many horror collections that include Case’s stories. S.T Joshi is currently preparing an Omnibus that will include major horror works of the author.

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