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Book Review: The Omnibus of Crime by Dorothy L. Sayers (Editor)

dorothy sayers

A memorable trip for readers of the crime/mystery genre. Not all mysteries are human though; there are horror elements as well. You should be mildly ecstatic about this book because you don’t get to read stories like this anymore. More importantly, The Omnibus of Crime comes from our favorite editor Dorothy L. Sayers — an authority on detective fiction. I’d happily sell my new ipad to attend a lecture on detective stories by Mrs. Sayers

The most attractive part of this epic collection is the Introduction itself. Sayers correctly says that The Omnibus of Crime has a little bit of everything in it. The stories mainly range between 1800s and 1920s (there is one Scottish legend as well), and they give you a bird’s-eye view of the subject. And I agree with Sayers when she writes “Every tale in this book is guaranteed to have puzzled or horrified somebody; with any luck at all, some of them may puzzle and horrify you.” Unfortunately, the collection doesn’t have a story by Sayers, who was quite a writer herself.

The Omnibus of Crime is replete with fascinating old tales; you’ll find haunted stamp albums, a professor being hunted by the last of the Furies, voyage to Mars and lots more. If this doesn’t sound appealing, it’s probably not for you.


Margaret Oliphant – The Open Door
Charles Dickens – Story of the Bagman’s Uncle
Charles Collins & Charles Dickens- The Trial for Murder
M. R. James – Martin’s Close
Oliver Onions – Phantas
Robert Hichens – How Love Came to Professor Guildea
Saki – The Open Window
Arthur Machen – The Black Seal
Sax Rohmer – Tcheriapin
W. W. Jacobs – The Monkey’s Paw
A. J. Alan – The Hair
E. F. Benson – Mrs. Amworth
Ambrose Bierce – Moxon’s Master
Jerome J. Jerome – The Dancing Partner
Robert Louis Stevenson – Thrawn Janet
R. H. Benson – Father Meuron’s Tale
Marjorie Bowen – The Avenging of Ann Leete
J. F. Sullivan –  The Man With A Malady
William Fryer Harvey – August Heat
Morley Roberts – The Anticipator
Joseph Conrad – The Brute
May Sinclair – Where Their Fire Is Not Quenched
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu – Green Tea
J. D. Beresford – The Misanthrope
John Metcalfe – The Bad Lands
Alfred M. Burrage – Nobody’s House
Arthur Quiller-Couch – The Seventh Man
N. Royde-Smith – Proof
Walter de la Mare – Seaton’s Aunt
Michael Arlen – The Gentleman From America
R. Ellis Roberts – The Narrow Way
Traditional – Sawney Beane
Bram Stoker – The Squaw
Violet Hunt – The Corsican Sisters
Barry Pain – The End of A Show
H. G. Wells – The Cone
Ethel Colburn Mayne – The Separate Room

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