Cover of the Week

Cover of the Week: Dr. No by Ian Fleming

Dr. no Ian fleming

Some nasty punks love calling Ian Fleming names. The worldwide fame and popularity of the creator of 007 has not stopped people from describing him as a misogynist snob, reactionary, and racist pig of the worst kind. But one wonders whether Mr. Fleming could have delivered such a cool cocktail of action, humor, badassery, boobs, and villains if he were a really nice fella.

Dr. No is a classic bond thriller. The antagonist has become a legend and helped Bond to reinforce his position as a lethal secret agent. Set in Jamaica, this action packed novel has a flame throwing dragon, sadistic henchmen, a mesmerizing seashell-hunting chick in a bikini, a giant squid and of course, the heavy weight, psychotic villain himself. Fleming introduces us with a more human Bond than we get to see in the movies. With his direct and fluid style, he makes the book an engrossing read.

A delicious meal for readers who like Jason Bourne kind of stuff.

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