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J.K Rowling to Build Harry Potter Style Tree Houses in Her Garden

Harry Potter j K Rowling Tree House
How does it feel to live like Harry Potter? Most of us will never know the answer in our entire miserable life. But of course, J.K Rowling, being the creator of Potter, cannot share our fate. So after quite some fighting with her local Voldemorts, the author has managed to get permission to build a couple of 40 feet high Hogwarts-style treehouses in her garden. They will include secret tunnels, a rope bridge, turrets, a trap door, and a spiral staircase. Are you feeling a little bit jealous? Be a sport. Not everyone gets to live their dream.

Sometime back, Rowling decided to renovate her home in Edinburgh and as a part of the plan, she applied to erect two tall treehouses for her kids. The estimated cost of such constructions was £250,000 approximately. Rowling’s neighbors were not exactly happy with the idea, and lodged complaints with the City Council. They stated that the high treehouses would be ”out of character with the area” and wanted to be assured that those structures would not be visible from outside the Rowling property.

The Council, however, has dismissed the protests stating that the construction of the tree houses will not have any adverse impact on the appearance of the area.

If insignificant details about famous people really matter to you, then be aware that Rowling brought her 17th century mansion for £2million. To enlarge her garden, she also bought a 1970s style mansion next to her dwelling place. Rowling lives with her husband Dr Neil Murray and has three kids (one from her first marriage).

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