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Memories Revisited: Oriental Stories/The Magic Carpet Magazine

Oriental stories magazine coverOriental stories magazine cover

Did you know that the legendary Weird Tales had an offshoot called Oriental Stories/The Magic Carpet? Unlike Weird Tales, its companion magazine had a short run, but like its parent it reached a cult status among fans of pulp fiction.

The magazine was edited by Farnsworth Wright who was also in charge of Weird Tales. It was backed by the awesome writing force of WT, which included Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard. The main focus of the magazine, as the name suggests, was fantasy and adventure tales of the east.

Oriental Stories, right from the beginning, struggled financially. It started as a bi-monthly magazine in 1930, but monetary issues made its publication highly irregular. At one point, it was revamped and launched with a new name — The Magic Carpet. However, the sales figures were still dismal and finally it became defunct in 1934. There were total nine issues of Oriental Stories and five issues of The Magic Carpet. Facsimile reprints of the magazine (Wildside Press) are available from Amazon.

Oriental Stories/The Magic Carpet has become old man’s nostalgia.

The magic carpet magazine coverThe magic carpet magazine cover
Oriental stories magazine cover

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