Cover of the Week

Cover of the Week: Salambo by Gustave Flaubert

Salambo Gustave Flaubert

This epic saga of lust, cruelty, and sensuality is set in Carthage and describes the intriguing events that follow the First Punic War. The rulers of Carthage refuse to pay the mercenary army they hired to fight with Rome. The mercenaries, led by Matho, subsequently attack the ancient walled city. Both sides use treachery and deceit to fight the enemy. In between, the sensual and enigmatic Salambo, daughter of one of Carthage’s generals, enters the stage and makes the equation complex. She plays for her own reasons and affects the outcome of the war.

Salambo is not Madame Bovary, but it is the book that helped Gustave Flaubert to reinforce his position as a writer of distinction. Replete with epic battles, looting of treasures, horrible torture of prisoners, and colourful descriptions, this is one memorable journey, which gives you “an orgy of historical hashish”. If you are a time traveler, you definitely want to be on Flaubert’s Carthage.

Read Salambo online:

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