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My Desktop: A Reflection of My Love for SF & Fantasy

The image you are looking at is a screenshot of my desktop. It’s an ultimate minimalistic design, but suffices for me. I’ve the necessary programs pinned to the taskbar (which includes the desktop folder, Chrome, Firefox, my music, my movies etc.). The desktop icons are hidden; Rocket Dock at the upper right corner has My Computer and Recycle Bin. The clock  and system icons are Rainmeter applications. And can you recognize the wallpaper? It is a poster of the vintage SF film Forbidden Planet (1956).

Do you like my desktop? What does your desktop look like?

12 thoughts on “My Desktop: A Reflection of My Love for SF & Fantasy

  1. Really liked your desktop David! Wish to sit in front of it someday! 🙂 Once again, you are really doing a great job! Kudos! Just wondering what OS and theme do you use..and yes, it’s pretty neat and clean! Mine is very clumsy and you may call it a scrapyard! 😦

  2. I love your desktop. I’ve never seen Forbidden Planet but that poster makes me wish I had! 🙂 My desktop is boring, nothing much on it, and a background that was chosen by Microsoft – your carefully planned version makes me feel lazy!

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