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The Deadly Bookish Tank


To celebrate World Book Day on 5th March, Raul Lemesoff — an artist from Argentina — has created what he calls “Arma de Instruccion Masiva” or Weapon of Mass Instruction. This is a travelling library he intends to use to combat ignorance and spread knowledge. For this campaign, Raul has visited remote, impoverished towns in Argentina where almost half the children do not have the privilege of going to school.

What exactly is this weapon? It’s a 1979 Ford Falcon that has a rotating turret, a pseudo gun and about 900 books, which include poetry, novels and biographies. Raul offers books for free and his only request to people is to read the book he has given them. Isn’t that great?

Apart from promoting knowledge and education, this symbolic campaign also aims to “to contribute to peace through literature.” Awesome work Mr Lemesoff.

10 thoughts on “The Deadly Bookish Tank

  1. Tanks for that…haha, I’m so original. I do love this invention, it brings a whole new meaning to mobile library, I would love to own something like this but would be worried people would steal all my books.

    • Mobile library is a great concept but just think what if it was a bit bigger.. say a train full of books .. wouldn’t it be quite quite cool (besides being a totally insane idea)?

      Also, consider donating books so people don’t need to steal from you 😀

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