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My New Bookcase



Alright, here is my new bookshelf. The store calls it Aberdeen Bookcase. This one is somewhat modern. My other bookcases are quite traditional library like things.

I have three more shelves and all squeezed in a single room due to space crunch. For good or for worse, they cannot accommodate any more stuff. Β That’s when books started piling up on the floor.

The homelessΒ books piled on the floor now finally have a shelter. Still leaves me with a bit of space in the shelf and a lot of space on the floor to pile more books πŸ™‚

How do you like it? Would love to see some pictures of personal libraries of fellow bibliophiles.

21 thoughts on “My New Bookcase

  1. Those are really lovely shelves. I have a spare room full of books but the shelves are bulging at the seems – oh, for more space and more shelves……πŸ˜•

    • I wish I too had a spare room for books. Lucky you!

      You know, sometimes I feel shelves can be obtrusive. A seemingly chaotic pile of books can look fantastic. My family says I’m just being pretentious πŸ™‚

  2. Love those shelves, they remind me of a documentary I saw after Umberto Eco died which had book cases like this lining his halls, most awesome. Love your eclectic range of books too. I miss waiting for new Wheel of Time books!

    • Thanks.

      Just googled Umberto Eco’s library and found a picture of his library in Milan. Looks great. Have you seen Neil Gaiman’s Library? It’s a piece of art.

      I miss WoT too but I guess GRRM has provided an alternative with A Game of Thrones. Now I have to wait for them.

      • Just checked it out, now that is a place I would struggle to leave, it puts my own bookcases to shame, still I have a target now on what to recreate one day.

        I blame the TV series for stopping me reading AGoT, the first series was too close to the book when I tried to read it and I wanted to skip forward but didn’t want to miss a key bit. Having said that book time is precious so I couldn’t sustain my reading of what I already knew. Maybe one day I will read them after the series has ended and see what places they diverged.

        • Couldn’t agree more. The TV series, while absolutely brilliant, is a spoiler that can ruin the reading. And since it is brilliant, you cannot stop watching it. I keep telling myself I read The Lord of the Rings after watching the movie and still enjoyed the books. AGoT is certainly not LoTR but still quite readable even after watching the TV series. But I second your decision to read the books after HBO is done with them. Let the memories of the TV series fade a bit before you take up the books again. Would like to know how you compare the books with the HBO venture.

  3. How nice to have such a lovely home for your books πŸ™‚ This is one of the things I am eagerly looking forward to doing when my current home renovations are complete – making special spaces for all my precious books, which are right now, barring two small bookshelves, piled all over the place!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚

      I am sure you have a fantastic collection of books. Do post the pics once the renovation is complete.

      I always have books piled up on the floor no matter how hard I try to accommodate them. I guess I’ve given up!

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