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The Best of DC Comics: Batman Knightfall

batman knightfall

I loved all Batman movies directed by Nolan. May be I still love them. But to me, they are no longer the best representative of the essential Batman spirit.

Batman, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939). There are countless standalone issues and series featuring Batman.  The notable ones include The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and Batman: Hush.

The most famous, however, would probably be the Knightfall saga. In this epic story, Bane breaks Batman’s back. It’s perhaps the most shocking incident after Superman’s death.

“I am Bane and I could kill you.”

“But death would only end your agony and silence your shame.”

“Instead I will simply break you.”

“Broken and Done.”

The story, complete in 3 volumes and more than 1800 pages long, feels a lot more epic than Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises or any other films directed by him. Of course, you can’t fit 1800 pages in 3 hours.  But for this very reason, the Knightfall series has more depth and is more enjoyable.

Bane devises a strategy to set loose all of Arkham Asylum. He provides weapons to the criminals and utter chaos follows. Batman fights them as he always does, but it weakens him and Bane just waits for the right opportunity to strike. He breaks Batman but what happens then?

The knightfall saga includes three books:

Volume 1 –  Knightfall
Volume 2 – Knightquest
Volume 3 – Knightsend

If you like Batman comics, go for it. If you don’t, still go it. You cannot possibly be disappointed

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16 thoughts on “The Best of DC Comics: Batman Knightfall

  1. These sorts of graphic novel have never really appealed to me but next time go to the comic shop I will have a look through the first one, I am a sucker for epic stories and it will be fun to imagine Bane’s underwater voice in my head as well.

    • I am not a fan of comics / graphic novels myself. I had had my share of Mandrake and Phantom (and yes Tintin) when I was a kid but nothing much thereafter. I came across Knightfall while doing some research on Bane / Joker. Well, it did not disappoint.

      • There are some good reads, Alan Moore’s Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlamen, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Shaun Tan and so forth, as well as Asterix, Tin Tin which never get old but perhaps I need to branch out some more, this will be a good start.

        • Right, Sandman Omnibus Volume 1 and 2 are next on the cards. They say Sandman is kind of intellectual comics. Let’s see how different it is. I’ve heard good things about Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen too. Have you read Wolverine? It shouldn’t be too bad if it is something like the movies.

          • Yes Sandman uses many different styles and their are plenty of references to historical and literary thing as well, the same goes for The Extraordinary League as well, that’s crammed full of fun references to stuff I’d not even come across at the time. I’ve not read any Wolverine, the plethora of those sorts of films puts me off any of the written stuff if I am honest.

            • Cool then, it’s Sandman and the League next. Can’t blame you about Wolverine. Movies and TV shows do spoil interest in the written stuff, like we discussed about Game of Thrones.

              • The BBC did a serialisation of War and Peace, typically book sales of that gem didn’t go up though. I think only The Princess Bride improves on the book, I can’t think of anything else that does.

                • War and Peace is not for everyone, so no wonder the sales didn’t go up. Haven’t seen the The Princess Bride so can’t comment but I thought they did a pretty good job with Sherlock and Outlander. If you take into account movies, LoTR is as good as the books and they did rekindle interest in the trilogy.

                    • I didn’t feel any of the emotion in The Hobbit, the reliance on special effects went to far with the barrel fight, it was lovely and balletic but lacked any sort of excitement for me.

                    • I have to agree with you that it was certainly a bit cold and CGI dependent. But I tried to tell myself it was better than the junk Hollywood is throwing at us these days. I mean movies like Batman vs Superman or Man of Steel are major disappointments but so much hyped. What do you think?

                    • I totally agree, there is some absolute rubbish out there. People seem to just go with the hype rather than looking at them critically. The best film of the year for me so far is definitely Spotlight, which featured no superheroes I am happy to confirm.

                    • Great that you mentioned Spotlight; watched it just a few days back. Brilliant to say the least. Serious superhero movies could be excellent too like Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Sam Raimi’s Spiderman was quite decent. But Avengers, Zack Snyder movies, and transformers kind of stuff are just repulsive. Even the recent Star Wars movie made me itchy.

                    • I quite liked Sucker Punch, although on a second watching not quite so much. The new Star Wars was what it needed to be I think but nothing amazing.

                      Transformers was shocking, I agree with that and then some!

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