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Vintage Cover Art (Rowena Morrill): Isobel by Jane Parkhurst

Rowena Morrill vintage cover art

Rowena Morrill is a SF and fantasy artist who has some really great vintage pulp covers to her credit. The above illustration is from the horror novel Isobel by Jane Parkhurst. Even by the high standard of vintage pulp covers, this one stands out as an outstanding example of compelling horror artwork, which has altogether vanished due to some incomprehensible reason. Can you feel the evocation of the dark? Does it give you the creeps?

In his blog  Too much horror fiction, Will mentions that this was Morrill’s first cover art. Too good a debut even for someone too talented!

Here is the front cover of the paperback:

vintage cover art


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7 Sexiest Book Covers of All Time

kull robert e howard

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Right, covers deserve to be judged in their own right. A book without a cover, as Asimov had said, is like a man without a face.

Well, all covers, like men, are not created equal and same. Some are awesome, some suck big time and others are too damn seductive. Today, we present some of the most sensual book covers of all time.

Henry Miller Tropic of Cancer

delta of venusanais nin

james bond on her majestys secret services

a princess of mars edgar rice buroughs

sons and lovers dh lawrence

79 park avenue harold robbins


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