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Download ebook (PDF) : The Complete Sherlock Holmes

What’s the best part of re-reading Sherlock Holmes? You know the solution to the mystery, but that does not diminish the excitement of the story. You discover something new every single time you go through Sherlock Holmes books.

Sherlock Holmes stories are known for their remarkable construction and wit, but there is something more to it. Why is it that nobody cares about the mystery novels of Edgar Wallace anymore? Even Poirot has lost a considerable part of his fan following in the last few decades. But the impossibly observant and intelligent Holmes is still going strong. Actually Doyle transcended time by rising above mere intrigue, by making his stories very human through impressive characterization, controlled and realistic emotions and skillful prose. These stories often involve a concept of nihilism, which questions if people with superhuman abilities can cross moral codes.

Who says crime fiction is cheap?

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Download ebook (pdf): Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

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If you read even one crime fiction classic in your entire life, it should be Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. It delineates the story of a man who commits a brutal murder and struggles with his guilty conscience afterwards. This dark novel also talks of redemption and love and carries a thought provoking message — a man of honor simply cannot live with his sins no matter how justified his actions pretend to be. Crime and Punishment is an engaging read, which leaves you with a desire to read more beyond the final words of the book.

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