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Download ebook: H.G Wells’ The War of the Worlds (PDF)

H G wells The war of the worldsWhen Capsules appear in the sky and land on Earth, people get confused. Next, gigantic, metallic creatures with tentacles creep out of the capsules and launch a devastating campaign against the inhabitants of the planet with heat rays and deadly vapours. Looks like Martians seek revenge for the havoc John Carter wrecked on Barsoom.

The Grandpa of all alien invasion sagas — H.G Wells’ The War of the Worlds — follows the story of an unnamed protagonist living in England. As Martians launch metallic cylinders to take over good old Earth, our hero struggles to survive and protect his family. Of course, the Martians lose the battle, but not before a tense, exciting, and long fight.

Though the concept might sound dated, but actually the book would appear surprisingly modern to any reader. And the epic story leaves a grand impression on you.

Certainly better than the wretched movie that Spielberg and Cruise made out of it.

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Download ebook: The Mammoth Book of Vampires by Stephen Jones (Editor)

This is one hell of a collection of vampire stories and novellas by Stephen Jones. The Mammoth Book of Vampires has some really awesome stuff by some of the best writers of the genre — Clive Barker, Brian Lumley, Ramsey Campbell, Robert Bloch, Edgar Allen Poe, and others. It isn’t particularly scary (the cover gives you an eerie feeling though), but is a fun ride for sure. Note that Jones has mainly selected modern day tales though you’ll get to see a few classics as well.

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