Editor’s Desk

A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. An old book smells like ancient Egypt — Ray Bradbury

picture011Meet Debasubhra Banerjee, a Business Content Editor with a Big Four professional services firm and the proud owner of a personal library of over 5000 books (most of which are hopelessly old). Debasubhra is a Ravenclaw, pretentious intellectual, loves reading and loves to show it off even more. He takes pride in his library and hopes to usurp the Iron Throne of a Westeros where violence and intrigue has been replaced by books and bookish people.

This blog is dedicated to vintage or at least not-so-new literary stuff. The Book Haven is essentially for people who believe old books just smell freaking awesome. So what exactly should you expect from this literary vessel?

  • An introduction with rare gems (warning: horror, fantasy, and crime fiction will be all over the place).
  • Intriguing bookish news from the past and the present.
  • Ebooks for old and out of print stuff.
  • Recalling our favorite authors and editors of the golden era.
  • Nostalgic retro covers and literature related paintings.
  • Featured articles on vintage topics.

Join the journey. Re-live the past. Be a retro reader.

Email: thebookhaven@rediffmail.com

5 thoughts on “Editor’s Desk

  1. Sorry to see you unfollowed me on Twitter. I followed back and listed you as your enterprise looked really interesting and I looked forward to speaking with you at some stage about it. Good luck, anyway, with your project – best wishes, OT

    • I’m sorry; unfollowing you on Twitter was entirely accidental. I was not even aware of it. So please accept my apologies. I really like your site and I would be very eager have you in my community. I too look forward to talk to you about our common interests.

      I do hope this would be the beginning of a long friendship.

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