Editor’s Desk


A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. An old book smells like ancient Egypt — Ray Bradbury

Meet Debasubhra Banerjee, the owner of a personal library of over 5000 books (most of which are hopelessly old). Debasubhra is a Ravenclaw, pretentious intellectual, loves reading and loves to show it off even more. He takes pride in his library and hopes to usurp the Iron Throne of a Westeros where violence and intrigue has been replaced by books and bookish people. He manages The Book Haven.


“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” ―  William Shakespeare

Ever wanted to kill someone? Guns and knives are old toys. You need a girl and her lethal vocabulary. Ankita Chatterjee, a pugnacious book slut, will fight epic wars over a bookish duel at the slightest provocation. She can use a book like Rhiannon’s sword to slaughter you wholesale and be a snob nose about it. Ankita wants to be the chief engineer of an intergalactic highway that would connect the libraries across the worlds. She is an Associate Editor with The Book Haven.


About The Book Haven 

This blog is dedicated to vintage or at least not-so-new literary stuff. The Book Haven is essentially for people who believe old books just smell freaking awesome. So what exactly should you expect from this literary vessel?

  • An introduction with rare gems (warning: horror, fantasy, and crime fiction will be all over the place).
  • Intriguing bookish news from the past and the present.
  • Ebooks for old and out of print stuff.
  • Recalling our favorite authors and editors of the golden era.
  • Nostalgic retro covers and literature related paintings.
  • Featured articles on vintage topics.

Join the journey. Re-live the past. Be a retro reader.

Email: thebookhaven@rediffmail.com

5 thoughts on “Editor’s Desk

  1. Sorry to see you unfollowed me on Twitter. I followed back and listed you as your enterprise looked really interesting and I looked forward to speaking with you at some stage about it. Good luck, anyway, with your project – best wishes, OT

    • I’m sorry; unfollowing you on Twitter was entirely accidental. I was not even aware of it. So please accept my apologies. I really like your site and I would be very eager have you in my community. I too look forward to talk to you about our common interests.

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