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Gothic Novel Cover Art: The Secret of the Chateau & House of Valhalla

gothic novelgothic novel

Are you looking for dark, mysterious, suspenseful romances? If yes, gothic novels are perfect for you. These books usually feature an attractive and inquisitive heroine, a suave hero, gloomy mansions, supernatural presence, romantic intrigues, and twists that keep you guessing till the end.

Is it a dark, stormy night? Try House of Valhalla or The Secret of the Chateau. Caroline Farr wishes you long and eerie nights.

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Cover of the Week

Cover of the Week: Vazkor, Son of Vazkor by Tanith Lee (Daw Books, 1978)

Vazkor son of Vazkor Tanith Lee

Vazkor, son of Vazkor is the sequel to Tanith Lee’s famous fantasy novel The Birthgrave. Followed by Quest for the White Witch, the third and the final novel in Birthgrave trilogy .

What if Jason Bourne was born in medieval times? What if he had to combat savage barbarian forces and witchcraft? On a quest to kill his mother — a witch goddess — for robbing him of a royal legacy, the protagonist moves through brutal tribes and ruined cities by killing and raping. As his journey continues, he learns about himself and begins to interpret dreams that haunt his vision. Vazkor, the barbarian hero, reminds you of Howard’s Conan in terms of attitude and looks. Continue reading

Cover of the Week

Cover of the Week: The Power of the Serpent by Peter Valentine Timlett

The power of the serpent Peter Valentine Timlett

The Power of the Serpent, the second volume of the Seedbearers trilogy by Peter Valentine Timlett. A creature of pure horror is brought from the depths of hell through a pact with the Devil. The summoner’s victory comes at the price of all the unborn souls in the world. Average fantasy, great cover.

Bantam Edition, 1976

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Cover of the Week: Twist of the Knife by Victor Canning

twist of the knife victor canning

Smuggler Oward Smith’s plane crashes in some African desert. But Smith survives and gets involved in drug deals and gold bullion. He starts an affair with a hot chick called Reta while her dad, Professor Moraccini, tries to get him killed. Plenty of double crosses all along. Cheap and sensational stuff.

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